Automatic N95 mask production line
Automatic N95 mask production line
Apr 14, 2020

Equipment advantages:

l  The equipment can produce N95 masks, and the production efficiency can reach 50-70 pieces / minute;

l  Equipment process flow automatic feeding, automatic folding and pressing, automatic loading and assembly of the nose bridge, automatic feeding of the ear belt and welding mask forming, forming and cutting, finished product blanking;

l  The equipment control theme is divided into four sections of individual control to meet the production needs of multiple modes;

l  The equipment is sturdy and durable, with a one-year after-sales service free of charge; after-sales service be paid can be extended for two years. 



Mask production size

Length:180mm Width:90mm




Warm gray, natural aluminum profile

Working power

AC220V 50Hz

Rated power


Compressed air

0.4-0.6mpa(dry, oil-free)

Equipment rack

Aluminum profile + sheet metal hybrid structure

Welding method

Ultrasonic welding

Pneumatic brand

AirTac / Chelic / SMC (based on the supplier's delivery time)

Electrical brand

Mitsubishi / Delta / Siemens / Huichuan (based on the supplier ’s delivery time)

Screw guide

First-line brand


Nsk or similar brand

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