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Haitel 2018 annual meeting

Jan 17, 2019
  • 2018 is over, heitel mechanical thanks for having you to witness our growth!
    January 15, 2019, the enterprise reengineering strategy conference in 2019 and 2018 annual meeting in dongtai lei da held a grand hotel peony hall, YinZuRong chairman together with the sea, all the staff, the brothers (China) consulting group in silicon valley, our guest more than hundreds of people gathered to celebrate New Year's joy, review the sea's struggle, looking forward to a better future!
    Let's give back to the past year 2018 with a grand event and a sense of ceremony, and let's play a prelude to the New Year. Let's relive this extraordinary and wonderful event with our camera lens.

Gather here

  • The New Year opens a new hope, a new blank bearing a new dream.
    After minister meng cairong sang a chorus of "soldiers should go to the battlefield" and "I believe", as well as the enthusiastic opening speeches by Mr. Yin zurong, chairman of the board and Mr. Sun zhengwei, the annual meeting officially kicked off.

  • Chairman Yin zurong delivered a speech at the annual meeting
  • Sun zhengwei teacher annual meeting speech
  • At the annual meeting, Mr. Yin zurong, the chairman of the board, also introduced the company's strategy and organizational structure, and appointed and hired cadres and committee members to inject new impetus for the faster and better development of hytel in the future.

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Annual recognition and encouragement of advanced

  • Both for the company to make outstanding contributions to the development of the elite, backbone, or quietly work in the ordinary position of the ordinary staff, are the hero of haitel, haitel because you feel very proud!

  • Outstanding staff commend group photo
  • Outstanding staff commend group photo
  • Commend the first and second runners-up in sales
  • Best team recognition
  • Progress team recognition

Laughter and joy never cease

  • The annual meeting of the performance link, singing and dancing, warmth and humor, dance, solo, chorus and other programs, the staff of various departments presented a variety of forms, let a person dizzying performance, to show the drama!

  • Shanghai branch dance "burn your calories", full of youth, detonated the audience!
  • Shanghai branch li ying Korean solo "I love you", affectionate, melodious tune!
  • Sales department singing and dancing "tomorrow will be better", beautiful action, wish good!
  • Sales department singing and dancing "tomorrow will be better", beautiful action, wish good!
  • Looking back on the year of 2018, we have experienced a lot and also gained a lot. Thanks to the efforts and efforts of every employee of hytel, the care and guidance of the leadership, and the support and trust of our customer partners for a long time!

  • Bidding farewell to 2018 and looking forward to 2019, haitel will continue to keep its original intention in mind, keep innovating and stick to quality, and create a brighter future with more high-quality mechanical products!