Construction of Jiangsu Haitel Machinery started

Feb 15, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, an unexpected outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus came out suddenly, allowing us to spend a little long Spring Festival holiday. Thank you for your self-protection with a high degree of discipline. Your health is Heitel ’s greatest wealth. You will have everything in Heitel ’s future only if you return quickly and focus on your investment. This menacing epidemic has caused some difficulties for our country, but tens of thousands of people are racing against time, once again showing the greatness of this country and the unity of this nation!

The company has adopted a series of health protection systems and humanized measures to ensure the safety of employees during work, including comprehensive disinfection of all areas of the company (production workshops, offices, canteens, dormitories, etc.), peak shifts to and from work, and peak shifts, Ordering meals, etc., make every effort to protect the physical and mental health of each employee. With the epidemic sweeping across the country and across the world, 2020 will be a year full of challenges and pressures for businesses. The spirit of fearlessness and courage of all Heitel people is my greatest confidence in the future. After the resumption of work, the production capacity can be quickly restored, and the order delivery can be completed with higher work efficiency and stricter quality control.

Today is the official start of Heitel, the beginning of a hard run in 2020. The sunrise river is red and the spring is green. Spring has arrived. After the cold spring is expected, it will be full of flowers.